Why did we create Corral?

Our team has spent 15 years helping clients improve workflows and find better ways to manage information. Over that time, we’ve seen our retail clients deal with a lot of change and volatility – employee and vendor turnover, lean budget years, special projects, and the sudden need to ramp up for a big rollout or rebranding effort.

Retail companies rely more and more on a fractured set of contractors, suppliers, and other external partners. At the same time, the landscape is changing quickly. Stores are becoming more specialized and segmented which makes it critical to be as nimble and efficient as possible.

Our system gives you a smarter way to work and our team can support you behind the scenes as needed. Corral complements the financial systems and project management tools that you’re already using. If you manage the design, construction, branding, or merchandising of multiple stores, then you should request a demo and Get Started.

We’ve joked with our retail clients that managing this information is like herding cats… which is why we created Corral.

Corral puts you in control

The system is a central way to keep track of documentation and decision making related to…

  • a catalog of items, whether they are in use, discontinued, or in development, from all sources or suppliers
  • a directory of locations, whether they are open, closed, or planned for future, filtered by format or design
  • projects or communications related to items and locations managed with flexible, team-based board pages

Corral was designed to collect and organize photos and specs for all of the fixtures, finishes, furniture, equipment, lighting, signage, and other branding or merchandising elements being used in your stores over time. It is a resource for architects, designers, and installers, it supports internal workflows to develop new programs and coordinate with procurement and product teams, and it improves visibility and reporting for management.

This is not a typical project management tool and it’s not an ordering or inventory system either. The purpose is to be the go-to resource for any employee or external user so they can easily access files and current details – photos, floorplans, specs, instructions – whether they are in the office, on the go, or at a job site. Corral can reduce travel and site visits and speed up installations and surveys. By centralizing this information in a flexible way that complements your other systems and tools, Corral puts you in control.

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